1 song / $80
2 or more songs / $60 each
For songs under 10 minutes in length.

$10 per minute of song
For songs 10 minutes or over in length.

$40 per song
For songs under 2 minutes in length.

This pricing includes the main set of masters for CD, vinyl or download delivered either as a DDP file set (CD) or WAV files (vinyl).
Additional formats are priced as per below.

ADDITIONAL FORMATS (vinyl, MFiT, etc) $5 per song.
For multiple format releases (i.e.: CD, Vinyl). The first set of masters is included in the pricing above. Additional versions priced per-track.
Vinyl masters will be delivered as full-side high resolution WAV files with accompanying track sheet.

PHYSICAL CD-R MASTER DISC (production master+backup)  $30